Are You Being Watched?

Injured workers in Georgia are often placed under surveillance by an insurance adjuster or employer who is hoping to “catch” them with pictures or on video doing something that will help the insurer to cut off the employee’s benefits.  Private investigators are working for the insurance company on a regular basis.

Anytime that an injured worker is outside of their home, there is a possibility that a private detective is watching. Simple things such as taking the trash out, bending to pick up something in the yard, carrying and putting a child into a car, or picking up a delivery package from the porch can be captured by the investigator.  Surveillance can be a huge invasion of privacy.

When an injured worker leaves home there is also a great chance that there is a private investigator watching to see if the injured worker will do something to compromise their claim. Running errands, driving, visiting friends, eating out in restaurants and even going to church are all times when the investigator may be working

The insurance company often knows where the injured worker is going to be. After all, the insurance adjuster is the one who makes doctor appointments and schedules medical tests for the injured worker. The private investigator could be waiting in any parking lot, shopping in the same pharmacy, or even sitting in the same doctor’s office as the injured worker.

It is of extreme importance to stay within the restrictions that have been ordered by the authorized treating physician. Sometimes even an innocent movement can be distorted to make the injured worker look as if they are faking their injury. It is best to be cautious at all times. If the injured worker is photographed or caught on tape the claim for Workers’ Compensation benefits may be seriously compromised.

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