What money benefits can I get if I am injured on the job?
Georgia law provides for three different types of money benefits. Read more.

Should I settle my workers’ compensation case?
Settling a claim is one of the most important jobs an attorney has when working on a workers compensation claim. Read more.

Is my injury work related?
Usually, if you were doing something for the benefit of your employer, and you were injured or became ill as a result, then you can receive benefits. Read more.

Is my type of work eligible for workers’ compensation benefits?
There are several special groups of workers who are exempt from coverage under the workers’ compensation laws of Georgia. Read more.

Am I being watched?
Injured workers in Georgia are often placed under surveillance by an insurance adjuster or employer who is hoping to “catch” them with pictures or on video doing something that will help the insurer to cut off the employee’s benefits. Read more.