How to be a great client

A solid client/lawyer relationship is critical in any workers compensation claim. Too many phone calls, or sometimes not enough, can create problems. There will be times when you and your lawyer need to communicate; however, daily communications are generally not necessary. Here are some rules for how to be a great client:

1) Don’t call daily unless you are asked to do so by your lawyer or you have a pressing concern.

2)  Don’t be rude to the lawyer’s employees. These assistants are the lawyers’ life blood for getting work done. If they are unhappy, then the lawyer will be unhappy.

3)  Do what your lawyer asks and do it in a timely manner. Show up for depositions,  attend your doctor’s  appointments and return forms that are mailed to you.

4)  DON’T show up for court without meeting with your lawyer. We will never  ask you to show up for court unprepared.

5)  DON’T show up at the office unannounced and demand to see your attorney. Our schedules are planned out in advance. If you want to meet with your lawyer, please make an appointment.

6)  Do what your doctor asks you to do. Go to all appointments, do your physical therapy, and please don’t miss any appointments without calling first.

7)  Don’t ever call the judge or the adjuster on your file. This contact must go through your lawyer.

8)  Don’t make big decisions without discussing them with your lawyer. If you are thinking about  moving out of state,  quitting your job, or refusing medical care, please talk to us first. Contact Shari Miltiades at (912) 354-8122 today for a confidential consultation.