Does your type of work exempt you from workers' compensation benefits?

Not all job injuries are compensable.

If you have been injured on-the-job, there is a chance that you may not qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.
There are several special groups of workers who are exempt from coverage under the workers’ compensation laws of Georgia.
Here are some of the most commonly exempted categories:

Domestic workers:

A domestic worker is someone who works in a home, such as a housekeeper or a babysitter. Some states don’t require employers to cover these types of workers.

Farm workers:

Most states, including Georgia, exempt agricultural and farm workers from workers’ compensation coverage. However, not every person who works on a farm falls into this category. For example, a horse trainer is not considered a farm worker when it comes to eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits.

Independent Contractors:

Whether someone is an independent contractor or an employee is one of the most commonly litigated subjects in workers compensation. There is no “black and white” answer and these issues are generally determined on a case by case basis, looking at all the facts of the employment.