Workers’ Compensation Medical Benefits

Before you receive medical treatment for a workplace injury, be aware of your role as a patient and the benefits concerning the treatment process. You may be entitled to more than you are getting, so check out this list before the next big decision about your medical treatment and/or visit to the doctor.

  1. You must be allowed to choose a doctor from the employer’s list of six doctors. If you are unhappy with the first doctor you see on this posted panel you may select any other doctor on the posted panel, without interference from your employer. If the employer does not follow proper procedure, then you may pick your own “authorized” doctor.
  1. The doctor who is “authorized” must be paid by the employer of the employer’s insurance company. Authorized medical providers are not permitted to directly bill the patient.
  1. If they Employers Panel is in violation of Georgia Law, you may pick any doctor you want. One of the doctors on the panel should be an orthopedist. No more than two may be “industrial clinics,” and at least one has to be a minority. The panel must be explained to you after you are hurt.
  1. Medical treatment is paid directly to the doctor. You should be reimbursed for your traveling expenses at $0.40 per mile as well as for prescriptions and any of their medical services prescribed by your authorized doctor (such as attendant care).

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